What Color Are Labradoodles?


Common Labradoodle Fur Colors

Labradoodle fur colors vary significantly, even within the same litter.  The most

common Labradoodle fur colors are cream, black, brown/chocolate, and red.  Labradoodle’s can rarely have patches of different colors, which would usually be referred to as a parti Labradoodle.

What Causes a Labradoodle’s Color?

The occurrence of a particular color usually depends on the fur color of the parents. This means that Labradoodles bred from a black standard poodle will tend to also have a black colored coat.  On the otherhand, those bred from a white standard poodle will tend to have a white or cream colored coat.  Occasionally, puppies within the same litter will have different colors.  This usually occurs when both the female and male parent have colored fur, such as black, brown, or red.  The resulting puppies can be any mix of the two, with brown being the rarest Labradoodle color.

Are Labradoodle Puppy Colors Accurate?

Just like human hair color, the fur color of a Labradoodle usually changes as it matures. For Labradoodles, their colors usually lighten as they grow older, so it’s important to keep this in mind when picking out your puppy.  It’s very common for a Labradoodle puppy that has golden fur to end up cream or white.  Brown and apricot Labradoodle puppies also tend to lighten up, although not to the same extent.  Finally, as an exception to this rule, black Labradoodles puppies usually remain black as they mature.


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