Labradoodle Colors to Fall For


1. Black

This colored fur is dark as night and has us all heart-eyes!

2. White/Cream

This pure and clean fur color is one of the most common/traditional colors in Labradoodles.  We love the contrast of their dark nose with their light fur!

3. Chocolate

We can’t think of two things we love more than chocolate and Labradoodles, so this color might be our fave!

4. Patterned/Parti

Parti (or patterned) Labradoodles are rare and cute as can be.  We vote that if you find one, you choose him to be your newest addition.

5. Golden/Apricot

This golden colored Labradoodle is luxurious enough to be royalty in our book!

6. Red

Labradoodles can be gingers too, and we love this look on any Doodle!

7. Want to Know More??

If you can’t get enough of Labradoodles (or Goldendoodle’s), and are thinking of adding one to your family, you NEED to read this book first! This informational guide has educated and helped Doodle owners all over the nation raise happy, healthy, and well trained Doodles!






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